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Enable students to submit their assignments directly on WhatsApp at any time and receive instant confirmation of submission. This provides ease of access and convenience to students.

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Students can now easily submit their assignments via WhatsApp, which is a widely used communication platform, saving them the hassle of physically submitting assignments to the institute.

Quick feedback

You can provide quick feedback to students on their assignments via WhatsApp, allowing for timely communication and facilitating the learning process.

Personalized communication

You can utilize WhatsApp to send personalized messages to students regarding their assignments, providing feedback and guidance based on individual performance.

How it works

Improved communication

Assignment submissions via WhatsApp improve communication between institutions and students, providing a quick and efficient method for students to submit their assignments and receive feedback.

Reduced administrative burden

This approach can reduce the administrative burden on institutions by eliminating the need for physical submission and manual record-keeping.

Accessible and convenient

Submission of assignments via WhatsApp provides accessibility and convenience to students, who can submit their assignments from their smartphones from anywhere and at any time.

Best practices

Institutions should provide clear guidelines for assignment submissions via WhatsApp, including submission deadlines, formatting requirements, and the expected feedback time frame.

Institutions must ensure the confidentiality and privacy of student data by implementing adequate security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

You should provide timely feedback on assignments submitted via WhatsApp, ensuring that students receive feedback within a reasonable time frame.

Use automation tools to streamline the process of assignment submissions via WhatsApp, ensuring accurate and timely communication with students.

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