Canceling rides

Allow customers to conveniently cancel their booked rides through the WhatsApp messaging platform.

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Emergency situations

In case of emergencies, customers may need to cancel their ride bookings. Enabling canceling rides through WhatsApp chatbots makes it convenient for customers to cancel their rides immediately.

Unforeseen circumstances

Sometimes, customers may face unforeseen circumstances such as sudden changes in plans or personal emergencies, which may require them to cancel their ride bookings. By enabling canceling rides through WhatsApp chatbots, customers can easily inform the transportation company about their cancellation and avoid being charged for the ride.

Improved CX

Provide a better customer experience by offering customers more convenience and flexibility. Customers can cancel their rides at any time, without having to log into the app or wait for customer support to assist them.

How it works

Quick and easy

With just a few clicks, customers can cancel their ride booking on WhatsApp chatbots, without any delays or complications.

Seamless experience

Enabling canceling rides via WhatsApp chatbots provides a seamless experience to customers, making it a preferred method for canceling bookings.

Improved customer satisfaction

By providing a hassle-free and convenient way of canceling rides, transportation companies can improve customer satisfaction levels and retain their customers.

Best practices

Before enabling ride cancellation, ensure that your customers are aware of your cancellation policy. Communicate the policy clearly through your website, mobile app, or any other medium, and provide the same information in the chatbot conversation.

Make sure that the instructions for cancelling the ride via WhatsApp chatbot are easy to understand and follow. Provide step-by-step guidance to the customers and ensure that the cancellation process is hassle-free.

Give customers the option to cancel the ride via other mediums, such as mobile app or website, if they prefer. Additionally, provide alternative options to the customer, such as rescheduling the ride, if possible.

Keep the customers informed about the status of the ride cancellation, such as the estimated time for processing the cancellation request and the refund process. This will help build trust and ensure customer satisfaction.

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