Entry pass for the hospital

Send digital passes to patients via email after they have booked an appointment with a healthcare provider. This method eliminates the need for physical tickets, reduces wait times, and ensures a contactless check-in process, which is especially important post the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Contactless check-in

By sending an entry pass via email, patients can easily access the hospital without waiting in long queues at the reception desk. This ensures a contactless check-in process, which is especially important post COVID-19.

Streamlined patient flow

Streamline patient flow and avoid overcrowding in waiting rooms. Patients can be instructed to arrive at the hospital only a few minutes before their scheduled appointment time & ensure the process runs smoothly.

Improved patient experience

Patients no longer have to worry about losing a physical pass or forgetting to bring it with them to the hospital. The pass can be easily stored on their mobile device and accessed at any time, making the process hassle-free.

How it works

Appointment confirmation

After patients book an appointment with the hospital or medical institution, they can receive an email confirmation that includes a digital entry pass.

Contactless check-in

On the day of the appointment, patients can show the digital pass on their mobile device to the security personnel at the hospital entrance for contactless check-in.

Streamlined patient flow

By sending the entry pass via email, the hospital can reduce waiting times and streamline patient flow by allowing patients to enter the hospital directly without the need for additional check-in procedures.


The digital entry pass can be customized with details such as the patient’s name, appointment time, and location to provide a personalized experience for the patient.

Best practices

The healthcare industry handles sensitive patient data and information, which makes it critical to ensure secure transmission of the digital entry pass. Use a secure email system and encryption to prevent unauthorized access and protect patient data.

Patients should receive clear instructions on how to access and use their digital entry pass. The email should include information on how to open the pass, what to expect at the hospital entrance, and any other relevant details.

Some patients may be less familiar with digital passes and may need additional support. Offer a helpline or provide step-by-step instructions to help patients access and use their digital pass. This can reduce confusion, improve patient experience, and save time for healthcare providers.

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