Interactive surveys

Gather valuable feedback from customers in a convenient and engaging way. With an interactive survey, you can learn more about customers' preferences and experiences, which can improve your business strategies and customer satisfaction.

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Product preferences survey

Conduct an interactive WhatsApp survey to gather customer preferences on their favourite products, helping them tailor personalized recommendations and improve product offerings.

Customer feedback survey

Retail company can engage customers through a WhatsApp survey to collect valuable feedback on shopping experiences, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and enhance customer satisfaction.

Seasonal promotions survey

Retail company can conduct a fun WhatsApp survey to gauge customer interest in upcoming seasonal promotions, guiding them to design targeted marketing campaigns and boost sales during special occasions.

How it works

Product recommendations

Recommend products to customers based on their preferences and needs. The chatbot can ask customers questions about their preferences, such as their preferred colors, styles, or materials, and recommend products that match their answers. This can help provide a more personalized shopping experience for customers.

Instant feedback

Collect feedback from customers instantly, as they shop or immediately after a transaction. This can be especially useful in identifying and resolving issues quickly, as well as capturing customers' experiences while they are still fresh in their minds.


Make surveys more engaging and fun for customers by incorporating gamification elements, such as quizzes or challenges. For example, a fashion retailer could create a quiz to help customers find their personal style or a beauty retailer could create a challenge to help customers create their perfect makeup look.


Incentivize customers to complete interactive surveys with rewards, such as discounts or loyalty points. This can encourage more customers to participate in the survey and provide more valuable feedback.

Best practices

It's important to keep the questions concise and focused on a specific topic to avoid overwhelming the customer. Additionally, asking questions that are relevant to the customer's recent experience with the retailer can improve the quality of the feedback received.

Offering an incentive, such as a discount or loyalty points, can encourage more customers to participate in the survey. This can increase the response rate and improve the overall quality of the data collected.

Using a friendly and conversational tone can help customers feel more comfortable and engaged in the process.

The data collected through interactive surveys can be used to inform business decisions, such as product development, pricing, and marketing strategies. It's important to analyze the data and use it to make informed decisions that benefit the customer.

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