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Sending fare discounts via emails is a great way to entice customers and increase their business. By offering customers discounts on fares, companies can encourage them to use their services more frequently, thus generating more revenue.

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Holiday promotions

During festive seasons, transportation companies can offer special discounts on fares to encourage customers to travel more. For example, during Christmas and New Year's Eve, you can send out promotional emails offering flat-rate discounts or percentage-off discounts on fares to customers.

Referral program

Incentivize existing customers to refer new customers by offering them discounts on fares. You can offer them a flat-rate discount or a percentage-off discount on their next ride for every new customer they refer.

Loyalty program

Transportation companies can also offer loyalty programs to their frequent customers. They can send out emails to customers who have completed a certain number of rides, offering them a discount on their next ride. The discount could be a percentage-off discount or a flat-rate discount, depending on the number of rides completed.

How it works

Customer loyalty

Discounts can make customers feel valued, appreciated and encourage repeat business.

Customer acquisition

Offering discounts on fares through promotional emails can attract new customers who may have been hesitant to try the service.

Increased revenue

Discounts can encourage customers to make more trips, which can lead to increased revenue for the company.

Brand awareness

Promotional emails can help increase brand awareness and keep the brand top-of-mind for customers.

Best practices

Use the customer's name and other relevant information to personalize the email. This makes the customer feel valued and increases the chances of them taking advantage of the offer.

Use visually appealing graphics or images that promote the discount offer in the email. This makes the email more attractive and engaging for the customer.

Emphasize the value of the discount and why it is significant for the customer. Highlight the amount of savings they can avail of and how it can improve their overall experience.

Include a clear and prominent call to action (CTA) button that directs the customer to take advantage of the discount. The CTA should be prominently placed and stand out in the email.

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