Password reset requests

Sending Password reset requests to help customers reset their account passwords in case they forget them. This process involves sending an email to the customer with a link to reset their password.

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Forgotten password

Customers who forget their account password can use the password reset link sent via email to reset their password and regain access to their account.

Account security

In case of a security breach or a suspected security issue, customers can use the password reset feature to update their account passwords and ensure the security of their account.

Account management

Password reset requests can also be used as part of account management processes, such as periodic password updates or account deactivation.

How it works

Increased security

Regularly resetting passwords or allowing customers to reset their passwords in case of a security breach can improve the security of the customer's account and the company's systems.

Reduced support requests

Enabling self-service password reset requests can reduce the volume of support requests related to password issues, freeing up resources to focus on more complex customer queries.

Compliance with data privacy regulations

Enabling secure password reset processes ensures compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Best practices

Password reset links should be sent over secure channels like Email to protect against data breaches.

The password reset process should be simple and easy to use, with clear instructions for customers to follow.

To increase account security, logistics companies can implement multi-factor authentication for password reset requests.

Once the password reset process is complete, provide clear feedback to the customer to confirm that their password has been successfully reset.

Monitor password reset requests for suspicious activity to prevent potential security breaches.

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