Payment reminders

Send text messages to students, reminding them of their unpaid fees and providing information on how to make the payment. This will improve payment collection processes and ensure that students are able to continue their studies without interruption.

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Personalized payment reminders

Include specific details such as the amount of fees owed, the due date, & a direct link to make the payment to creates a sense of urgency & make it easy for students to complete the transaction.

Overdue payment reminders

Include information about any late fees or penalties that may be imposed, as well as instructions on how to make the payment & minimize the number of students with unpaid fees and improve the overall financial health.

Encouraging timely payments

Many students may forget about their outstanding fees or may not have the necessary information to make the payment. By sending a reminder with clear instructions you can help ensure that students pay their fees on time.

How it works

Improved payment collection

By sending regular reminders, you can ensure that students are aware of their outstanding balances and are more likely to make timely payments. This can improve cash flow and reduce the number of students with unpaid fees.


Compared to traditional methods sending payment reminders through transactional SMS is a more cost-effective approach. It requires minimal resources and can be automated, reducing the workload on staff and improving operational efficiency.

Customizable and personalized

Messages can be customized and personalized, allowing you to tailor messages to specific students or groups of students. This can include details such as the amount of fees owed, the due date, and a direct link to make the payment.

Better student experience

Students are more likely to appreciate the convenience and ease of making payments through SMS and are less likely to experience interruptions in their studies due to unpaid fees. This can improve student retention and overall satisfaction with your institution.

Best practices

Include the student's name, the amount owed, and the due date in the message. Personalization can create a sense of urgency and encourage students to make timely payments.

Provide multiple payment options in the, such as online payment, payment through mobile wallets, or payment through bank transfer. This gives students flexibility in how they choose to make their payment, which can help to increase the likelihood of timely payment.

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