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Sending seasonal offers such as holiday or end-of-year promotions via SMS is a valuable tool for logistics companies to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

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Holiday promotions

You may notify customers before Christmas or other holidays, offering discounts or special deals on shipping rates. This can help to increase sales during the holiday season & drive engagement.

Weather-related promotions

For example, send a SMS to customers during the winter season, offering special deals on winterization services/ cold-weather shipping options. This can help to meet customers' seasonal needs & build loyalty.

Special events

For example, send an SMS to customers before a major sporting event, offering special deals on shipping rates or delivery times. This can help to increase sales during the event and build customer loyalty by providing a valuable service.

How it works

Boost revenue

Sending offers can help companies to boost revenue during peak shopping periods. By incentivizing customers, companies can increase sales and drive revenue growth.

Enhance customer loyalty

By providing exclusive deals and promotions to customers, companies can enhance customer loyalty and improve customer retention rates.

Increase brand awareness

Seasonal offers can also help to increase brand awareness by promoting the company's products and services during peak shopping periods.

Best practices

Segment your audience based on demographic and purchase history data to ensure that you are sending relevant offers to the right customers.

Use compelling language and visual elements to grab the customer's attention and encourage them to take advantage of the offer.

Set clear expiration dates for seasonal offers to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to make purchases before the offer expires.

Provide clear instructions for how customers can take advantage of the seasonal offer, including any promo codes or discount links.

Track and measure the results of your seasonal offers to assess their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Use this data to refine your SMS strategy and optimize your marketing efforts.

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