Service feedback

Gather customer feedback about their service experience and sending it to them through SMS. This allows the company to get a quick and accurate understanding of how customers feel about their service and make necessary improvements.

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After a service appointment

Sending a feedback request after a customer has had their vehicle serviced is a great way to understand their experience and identify areas for improvement.

After a test drive

By sending a feedback request after a customer has test-driven a vehicle, companies can gain insights into their preferences and improve their overall experience.

After a purchase

Following a vehicle purchase, sending a feedback request can help companies understand how the customer felt about the sales process and identify opportunities for improvement.

How it works

Improves customer satisfaction

By requesting feedback on the service experience, companies can identify areas where they can improve to increase customer satisfaction.

Enhances reputation

Positive feedback received via SMS can be used to improve the company's reputation and attract new customers.

Builds customer loyalty

By listening to customer feedback and making improvements based on it, companies can build customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Best practices

Feedback requests should be short and to the point, making it easy for customers to quickly respond.

By personalizing the feedback request and using the customer's name, companies can create a more meaningful connection with their customers.

After receiving feedback, companies should take action to address any issues or concerns raised by customers. This can help improve the overall customer experience and build loyalty.

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