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Send invoice details such as the amount due, invoice number, and due date via SMS can to help companies ensure timely payment and streamline their billing processes.

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Simplifying payment process

Make it easy for customers to keep track of their bills and make payments on time, streamlining the payment process and reducing the risk of payment delays.

Minimizing payment disputes

Provide customers with accurate and detailed invoice information which can help companies minimize payment disputes, ensuring that customers are aware of the charges and payment terms upfront.

Enhanced customer experience

Sending invoice details via SMS demonstrates a commitment to customer service and improves the customer experience by providing timely and convenient payment information.

How it works

Improved cash flow

By sending invoice details, companies can ensure timely payment and improve cash flow, reducing the risk of late payments and payment disputes.

Increased efficiency

It is a quick and efficient way to communicate billing information, reducing the need for manual communication and saving time for logistics companies.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

By providing timely and accurate invoice details via SMS, logistics companies can enhance customer satisfaction, improving their reputation and building trust with customers.

Best practices

Include only relevant and accurate information, such as the amount due, invoice number, and due date, to avoid confusion and ensure clarity.

Personalize the message by including the customer's name and order details, making the message more engaging and relevant to the recipient.

Include payment options such as a link to a payment portal or instructions for making payment, allowing customers to make payments easily and conveniently.

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