Shipment tracking

With the help of voice channel, companies can provide real-time shipment tracking information to their customers, enabling them to keep track of their packages and stay informed about delivery status.

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Real-time tracking updates

Provide real-time tracking updates to customers on the status of their shipments, including estimated delivery times and any potential delays.

Automated tracking updates

By leveraging voicebots, companies can automate tracking updates to customers, reducing the need for manual updates and freeing up time for customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues.

Multilingual tracking updates

Use voicebots to provide shipment tracking updates in multiple languages, ensuring that all customers can receive updates in their preferred language.

How it works

Enhanced customer experience

Providing shipment tracking updates through voice channels or voicebots can improve the customer experience by providing real-time updates and customized information.

Increased operational efficiency

Automated tracking updates can save time and resources, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Improved customer retention

By providing real-time tracking updates, logistics companies can improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Competitive advantage

Providing shipment tracking updates through voice channels or voicebots can differentiate a logistics company from its competitors and provide a competitive advantage.

Best practices

It is important to ensure that the tracking information provided is accurate and up-to-date to avoid any confusion or frustration for the customers.

Providing customers with multiple channels to receive tracking updates, including email, SMS, and voice, can enhance the customer experience and improve engagement.

When using voicebots, it is important to provide clear instructions and options for customers to ensure they can easily navigate the system and obtain the information they need.

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