Test drive scheduling

Enabling test drive scheduling for customers on WhatsApp. This approach streamlines the process of booking a test drive, as customers can do so conveniently and quickly using a familiar platform.

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Targeted marketing

Send targeted marketing messages to potential customers who have expressed interest in a particular model or brand. Include personalized test drive invitations, promotional offers, or other relevant information.

Remote test drives

Use WhatsApp to provide customers with video tours of their vehicles or arrange for a delivery of the vehicle to the customer's location. Customers can then test drive the vehicle on their own, providing a safe and convenient option.

Customer follow-up

After a test drive, you can follow up with the customer and get feedback about their experience. This feedback can help you to improve the products and services & can also provide valuable insights for future marketing campaigns.

How it works

Streamlined process

Enabling test drive scheduling through WhatsApp chatbots streamlines the process, reducing the need for phone calls and emails back and forth between the dealership and the customer. This helps to save time and resources, making the process more efficient.

Better data collection

By using WhatsApp, dealerships can collect valuable data about their customers and their preferences. This can help dealerships to better understand their customer base and make data-driven decisions about their business.

Improved customer satisfaction

By making it easier for customers to schedule test drives, dealerships can improve customer satisfaction. This can lead to more positive reviews and referrals, helping to drive more business in the future.

Best practices

Create a dedicated WhatsApp number for test drive scheduling, making it easier for customers to contact you and reducing the risk of messages getting lost or overlooked.

Ensure that all communication with customers is clear and easy to understand. This includes confirming the time and date of the test drive, as well as any other important details.

After the test drive, follow up with customers to get their feedback and answer any questions they may have. This helps to build stronger relationships with customers and can lead to increased sales in the future.

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