Promote premium services or upgrades to customers. By offering discounts or incentives to customers, transportation companies can increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

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Offering discounts on luxury rides

Send messages to customers who have booked standard rides, offering discounts on luxury rides. By promoting premium services such as luxury cars, or high-end vehicles, transportation companies can appeal to customers who are looking for a more comfortable or upscale experience. This can help to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Upgrading customers to larger vehicles

This can be particularly useful for customers who are traveling in groups or with a lot of luggage. By offering this upgrade as an Upsell promotion, companies can generate additional revenue while also providing a more comfortable and convenient travel experience for customers.

Promoting loyalty programs

Send messages to customers who frequently use your services, promoting loyalty programs or rewards programs. By offering discounts or rewards to frequent customers. Encourage customer loyalty and increase customer retention. This can be an effective way to incentivize customers to continue using their services and increase revenue over time.

How it works

Targeted marketing

SMS marketing allows companies to target specific customers based on their ride history, preferences, and other relevant data. This enables companies to tailor their upsell promotions to specific customer segments, increasing the likelihood of a successful conversion.

Timely and relevant offers

SMS promotions can be sent in real-time, enabling companies to offer timely and relevant upsell promotions based on the customer's current ride request or location. For example, a customer requesting a ride to the airport could be offered an upsell promotion for a luxury airport transfer service.

Increased visibility

SMS have a high open rate, which means that the message is more likely to be seen and acted upon by the customer. This can increase the visibility of premium services and help to drive revenue.

Best practices

Companies should only send messages to customers who have explicitly given their permission to receive them.

Upsell promotions should be relevant and personalized to the customer's preferences and history. Companies should use data and analytics to understand customer behavior and offer promotions that are most likely to be of interest.

Upsell promotions should be clear and concise, with a clear call-to-action. Companies should ensure that customers understand the benefits of upgrading their ride and how to take advantage of the promotion.

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