Delivery confirmation

When a customer orders a product online, they want to know when the shipment will arrive at their doorstep. Therefore, providing delivery confirmation for customers is an essential part of the logistics industry.

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Real-time updates

Customers can receive real-time updates on their delivery status through email. The business can send automated emails to customers when the order is shipped, out for delivery, and delivered.

Delivery time and date

Customers can be informed about the expected delivery time and date through email. This can help them plan their day and ensure that someone is present to receive the package.


Emails can be customized to include information such as the courier's name, contact number, and tracking details. This allows customers to track their packages easily and communicate with the courier if necessary.

How it works

Increased customer satisfaction

Providing delivery confirmation emails and updates to increase customer satisfaction. Customers feel more comfortable and confident when they know the exact status of their delivery.


It saves time and effort for both the logistics company and the customer. Customers do not have to call or email the company to inquire about their delivery status, and the company can save resources by automating the process.

Brand image

Providing delivery confirmation via email can help improve the brand image of the company. It shows that the company values its customers and is committed to providing a seamless delivery experience.

Best practices

In addition to the delivery confirmation, include other relevant details such as the order number, shipping address, and expected delivery date. This will help customers verify that the delivery is correct and identify any potential issues before they become a problem.

Including a link to the shipment tracking page will allow customers to easily check the status of their delivery at any time. This can reduce the number of customer inquiries and complaints related to order status.

Address the customer by name and use a friendly and welcoming tone. This will make the email feel more personal and help build a connection with the customer.

Use a clean and visually appealing design for the email. Include the company logo and use images or graphics to make the email more engaging. This will help customers remember the brand and potentially increase customer loyalty.

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