Delivery tracking

Provide customers with real-time updates on the status of their deliveries. By automating this process, customers can receive up-to-date information on their delivery status without having to call customer service or track the package themselves.

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Providing real-time updates

Help customers stay informed about their order status and make necessary arrangements to receive their orders.

Handling customer queries

Customers often have queries about their orders, such as the delivery status or the expected delivery time. By automating delivery tracking with voice, you can provide customers a convenient way to get their queries resolved quickly.

Enhancing the customer experience

Provide a seamless delivery tracking process. This can help build customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases, as customers are more likely to return to brands that provide a hassle-free experience.

How it works

Interactive voice response

IVR is an automated system that can enable customers to track their orders by calling a designated phone number. The system prompts the customer to enter their order number or tracking number, and then provides real-time updates on the status of their delivery.

Voice assistants

Customers can ask their voice assistant for information on their delivery status, and the assistant will provide the information in a conversational way.

Automated notifications

Send delivery updates to customers via phone calls. When a customer's order is out for delivery, the system can automatically call the customer and provide an estimated delivery time. If there are any delays or issues with the delivery, the system can also send an automated call to notify the customer.

Best practices

When automating delivery tracking with voice, it's important to use simple and easy-to-understand language. Avoid technical jargon or complex phrases that customers might not understand.

Customers appreciate knowing the status of their delivery in real-time. Ensure the automated system provides regular updates on the progress of the delivery if the customer haven’t opted out for it.

In case of any delivery issues, the automated system should provide alternative options to customers. This could include rescheduling the delivery or providing pickup options.

While the automated system can be very useful, it's important to have a human support system in place for customers who need additional assistance or have more complex issues to resolve.

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