Sending booking confirmations

Send an automated message to customers confirming their booking status through SMS. Keep customers informed and up-to-date on their ride status, and this service can help build trust and loyalty with their customer base.

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Booking confirmation

Include details such as the pickup location, time, and driver information. This helps customers feel confident about their booking and provides them with peace of mind that their ride is confirmed.

Driver information

Once a ride is booked, notify customers with the driver's details, including their name, picture, and contact information. This information helps customers identify their driver when they arrive and provides an additional layer of security during the ride.

Ride completion

After the ride is completed, thank them for their business and providing them with details about their fare, including the fare breakdown and the total amount charged. This helps customers feel valued and informed, and it can help promote customer retention for the transportation company.

How it works


SMS is a convenient mode of communication that allows companies to keep their customers informed without requiring them to download a separate app or visit a website. Customers can receive notifications directly on their mobile phones, making it easy for them to stay updated on their ride status.

Real-time updates

Messages can be sent in real-time, which means customers receive updates about their ride status as soon as they happen. This helps customers plan their day and avoid any last-minute changes.

Increased trust

By providing customers with regular updates, transportation companies can build trust with their customers. Customers are more likely to choose a company that communicates clearly and frequently with them.

Best practices

Companies should only send messages to customers who have given their explicit permission to receive them. This helps to prevent customers from feeling annoyed or overwhelmed by unwanted messages.

Companies should consider the timing and frequency of their SMS messages. Sending too many messages can be annoying for customers, while sending too few messages can lead to a lack of communication. Companies should strike a balance and send messages that are timely, relevant, and informative.

Personalization is crucial in SMS marketing. Companies should use the customer's name and other personal details to make the message feel more tailored and relevant to the customer.

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