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Collect feedback on courses, instructors, and overall learning experience. With the advancement in voice technology, you can now easily implement this approach and gather feedback from their students in a more engaging and interactive manner.

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Measure course effectiveness

Collect feedback from students on the quality of course content, delivery, and instructor's teaching style, and use this data to make improvements to their courses and enhance the overall learning experience.

Monitor student satisfaction

By taking surveys, you can regularly monitor student satisfaction with their learning experience. You can use this data to identify areas that require improvement & address concerns before they become major issues.

Collect data on student engagement

By asking questions related to student participation, involvement, & interaction, you can gain insights into the level of engagement of students, identify trends, & make further improvements.

How it works


By using voicebots to take feedback surveys, institutions can save time and resources that would otherwise be required to manually collect and analyze feedback.

More detailed feedback

Voicebots can capture more detailed feedback from students as they can express their thoughts and opinions in a more natural and conversational manner.

Improved decision making

By collecting and analyzing feedback from students, institutions can make more informed decisions that will improve their courses, programs, and services.

Best practices

Surveys should be designed to capture specific information and kept as short as possible to improve response rates.

Students should be provided with clear instructions on how to complete the survey via voice.

Feedback surveys should be conducted anonymously to encourage students to provide honest and candid feedback.

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