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The use of WhatsApp chatbots in the transportation industry allows customers to give feedback and ratings about their ride experience. This feedback is critical for transportation companies to ensure they are providing excellent service and to identify areas for improvement.

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Continuous improvement

For example, if customers frequently complain about a particular aspect of the ride experience, such as cleanliness, the company can take action to address this issue.

Driver performance evaluation

This evaluation can be used to identify top-performing drivers and to identify drivers who need additional training or support.

Customer satisfaction

By analyzing feedback, transportation companies can identify common themes or issues that are impacting customer satisfaction and take action to address them.

How it works


WhatsApp is a widely-used messaging platform, and customers can easily provide feedback and ratings for their drivers without having to open a separate app or website.

Real-time feedback

With WhatsApp chatbots, customers can provide real-time feedback on their driver's performance, allowing transportation companies to address any issues immediately.

Improved driver performance

Feedback provided by customers can help transportation companies identify areas for improvement and provide training to drivers, leading to better performance and increased customer satisfaction.

Best practices

Ensure that the rating and feedback process is easy to understand and navigate for customers. Use simple language and provide clear instructions to avoid confusion.

Give customers a reason to leave feedback and explain the importance of their ratings. For instance, you can inform them that their feedback helps to improve the overall quality of service.

Respond to customer feedback promptly, especially if it is negative. Address their concerns and take necessary steps to resolve any issues.

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