Milestone promotions

Incentivize loyalty and encourage repeat business. These promotions are typically triggered by specific milestones, such as on customer's 100th ride, you can offer discounts, free rides, or other rewards.

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Rewarding frequent riders

By offering milestone promotions to frequent riders, companies can encourage customers to continue using their services and reward them for their loyalty. For example, a customer who has taken 100 rides with a particular company may receive a discount or a free ride as a reward.

Encouraging riders to refer friends

Milestone promotions can also be used to incentivize customers to refer their friends and family to the transportation company. For example, a customer who has referred five friends to the company may receive a discount on their next ride.

Increasing engagement and retention

These can be used to increase customer engagement and retention by providing customers with a sense of accomplishment and reward for their loyalty. This can help to build stronger relationships with customers and encourage them to continue using the company's services.

How it works

Encourages loyalty

Offering promotions for reaching certain milestones, such as a customer's 100th ride, encourages customers to remain loyal to the transportation company and continue using their services.

Increases customer engagement

Milestone promotions can increase customer engagement and interaction with the transportation company. Customers are more likely to engage with the company and its promotions if they feel they are being rewarded for their loyalty.

Increases customer retention

By offering promotions for reaching certain milestones, transportation companies can encourage customers to continue using their services and build long-term relationships with them.

Best practices

Address the customer by their name and use a personalized tone in the message to make the customer feel valued and recognized.

SMS messages have a character limit, so it's important to keep the message concise and to the point. Use clear and simple language that is easy to understand.

Offer a promotion that is relevant to the milestone reached by the customer, such as a discount or free ride for their 50th ride.

Provide clear instructions on how to redeem the promotion, including any codes or links that the customer may need to use.

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