Notify about fare adjustments

Keep passengers informed of any changes in fare due to factors such as route changes or distance adjustments. By notifying passengers via SMS, companies can help to maintain transparency and build trust with their customers.

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Route changes

In the event of a route change due to traffic or other factors, you can send fare adjustment notifications to passengers to inform them of any changes to the fare. This can help to avoid confusion or disputes over fare charges and maintain transparency.

Distance adjustments

If the distance traveled by the passenger is different from the original booking, transportation companies can send fare adjustment notifications to passengers to inform them of the updated fare. This can help to ensure that passengers are charged accurately and prevent any misunderstandings or disputes over the fare charged.

Price surges

In the event of a price surge during peak hours or high-demand periods, send fare adjustment messages & inform about increased fare. This can help to avoid any surprises or confusion for passengers and maintain transparency in pricing.

How it works

Clarity and transparency

This ensures that passengers are informed about any changes in their fare and are provided with a clear explanation. This helps in building trust and maintaining transparency in pricing, ultimately leading to a better customer experience.


SMS is a quick and easy way for businesses to communicate with passengers. Passengers can receive the message directly on their mobile phones, eliminating the need for them to check their app or email for updates.

Real-time updates

Fare adjustment messages can be sent in real-time, providing passengers with the most up-to-date information about their fare. This can help in preventing disputes or confusion about pricing.

Best practices

Send fare adjustment messages in a timely manner, ideally as soon as the adjustment has been made. This ensures that passengers are aware of any changes in their fare as soon as possible.

Provide a clear and detailed explanation of the fare adjustment, including the reason for the adjustment and any changes in route or distance.

Use polite and courteous language when communicating with passengers, even when delivering potentially difficult news. This helps in maintaining a positive customer experience and can prevent any negative feedback.

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