Offer early access to sale/ VIP deals

By sending out these messages, retailers can incentivize customers to sign up for a VIP program, making them feel special and giving them an added incentive to shop with the brand.

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Seasonal sales

Offer early access to your seasonal sales to customers who join your brand’s VIP club. For example, send out a SMS saying "Get early access to our summer sale by joining our VIP club. Sign up now and enjoy up to 50% off."

Exclusive product launches

Offer early access to exclusive product launches to your VIP club members. For instance, send a SMS saying, “Be the first to try our new makeup line. Join our VIP club and get early access to the exclusive product launch with free shipping.”

Limited-time promotions

Another example is an electronics store could send out a message saying "Join our VIP club and get exclusive access to our flash sale. Enjoy up to 30% off on all electronics products, but only for the next 24 hours."

How it works

Build customer databases

By requiring customers to sign up for a VIP club or email list to receive early access to sales or VIP deals, retailers can build their customer databases. This can help them to better understand their customers' preferences and buying behaviors and can lead to more targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

Create buzz

Businesses can create buzz around their brand and generate excitement among their customer base. This can lead to increased brand awareness and a stronger brand reputation overall.

Personalize the customer experience

By sending out personalized messages to VIP club members, retailers can create a more tailored customer experience. This can help to build stronger relationships with customers and increase loyalty to the brand.

Best practices

Provide additional incentives to encourage customers to sign up for the VIP club, such as a welcome offer or a discount on their first purchase. This can help to make the offer more appealing and increase the chances of customers signing up.

You should comply with regulations around SMS marketing, such as obtaining the necessary consent from customers before sending promotional messages. This can help to avoid legal issues and protect the brand's reputation.

Follow up with customers who sign up for the VIP club or take advantage of the early access offer to ensure a positive experience. This can involve sending a welcome message, providing additional information about the offer, or sending a satisfaction survey to gather feedback.

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