Order modifications

Allow customers to modify their existing orders such as changing the delivery address or adding special instructions without having to go through the hassle of contacting customer service or filling out forms.

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Changing delivery address

Customers may need to change the delivery address after placing an order due to various reasons. Enable them to easily modify their address with the help of chatbot and update the information.

Adding special instructions

Sometimes customers may need to add special instructions for delivery, such as leaving the package with a neighbour. With WhatsApp chatbots, customers can easily add these instructions to their existing orders without any hassle.

Upgrading shipping method

Customers may want to upgrade their shipping method after placing an order, such as switching from standard shipping to express shipping. Enable them to easily modify their shipping method on WhatsApp.

How it works

Improved customer experience

Enabling order modification provides customers with a convenient and hassle-free way to modify their existing orders. This improves the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Reduced workload for customer service

Reduce the workload for customer service agents, as customers can easily modify their orders without having to contact customer service

Faster order processing

Help speed up order processing, as customers can quickly modify their orders and get them processed faster.

Best practices

Companies should clearly communicate their order modification policy to customers. This includes information on what types of modifications are allowed, any deadlines for making modifications, and any fees that may be associated with order modifications.

The chatbot should be user-friendly and easy to navigate for customers. It should provide clear instructions on how to modify an order and be able to respond to a wide range of customer queries related to order modification. Companies should test the chatbot thoroughly before launching it to ensure it is functioning correctly and can handle different scenarios.

While chatbots can handle many customer queries and issues, it's important to provide customers with the option to speak with a human agent if they require further assistance or have complex queries. Companies should ensure that there are customer service representatives available to support customers and handle any issues that cannot be resolved by the chatbot.

Feedback can help identify areas for improvement and inform future updates to the chatbot. Companies should also monitor the chatbot's performance metrics, such as customer satisfaction ratings and the number of successful order modifications, to ensure it is delivering value to customers.

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