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Allow customers to easily receive and keep track of their billing information. This method of communication allows for a seamless and efficient process, allowing the company to focus on delivering their services.

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Monthly billing

Many logistics companies offer their services on a monthly billing cycle. Providing invoices via email can ensure customers receive their bills on time and can easily keep track of their expenses.

Invoice requests

In some cases, customers may require invoices for specific shipments or orders. Providing invoices can streamline the process and allow customers to access the necessary documents quickly and easily.

International shipping

International shipping often requires additional fees and documentation. Providing invoices via email can ensure customers receive the necessary documentation for customs and other regulatory purposes.

How it works


Providing invoices via email is a fast and efficient way to deliver billing information to customers. This saves time and resources, allowing the company to focus on providing quality service.


Customers can access their invoices at any time, from anywhere. This allows for greater flexibility and convenience for the customer, improving their overall experience with the logistics company.

Best practices

Address the customer by name and include any relevant details about their shipment or order to create a more personalized experience.

Ensure that any sensitive billing information is protected and secure by using password-protected PDFs or secure email services.

Include contact information for customer support in case customers have any questions or concerns regarding their invoice.

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