Seat upgrade offers

Provide customers with the opportunity to upgrade their seat to a higher class or a better location on the plane. Send email to customers who have booked a flight, and include information about the available upgrades, the cost of the upgrade, and the benefits of upgrading.

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Targeted offers

If a passenger frequently travels on long-haul flights, they are likely to be interested in a seat upgrade. Targeted offers can increase the likelihood that passengers will take up the upgrade offer & generate more revenue for the airline.

Last-minute upgrades

If a flight is overbooked or has unsold premium seats, airlines can offer these seats to passengers via email at a discounted rate, increasing the chances that these seats will be filled and generating additional revenue for the airline.

Loyalty program benefits

By offering seat upgrades as a loyalty program benefit, airlines can incentivize customers to join and remain loyal to the airline, driving customer retention and increasing revenue over time.

How it works

Increased revenue

Passengers who receive seat upgrade offers may be more likely to purchase additional products or services, such as in-flight meals, which can further boost revenue for the airline.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Passengers who receive a seat upgrade offer may feel valued and appreciated by the airline, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Improved efficiency

Automating offers on via emails free up staff to focus on other tasks, such as customer service, and can help the airline operate more efficiently overall. Additionally, by using email to communicate with passengers, airlines can reach a large number of passengers quickly and easily, without the need for manual outreach.

Best practices

Instead of sending upgrade offers to all passengers, segment your audience based on factors such as loyalty status, past purchase behavior, and destination. This allows you to tailor the offer to the passenger's specific needs and increase the likelihood of conversion.

When sending a seat upgrade offer, focus on the benefits of the upgrade rather than the cost. Highlight features such as extra legroom, increased comfort, and exclusive amenities, and explain how these benefits can enhance the passenger's travel experience.

Instead of offering a fixed upgrade price, use dynamic pricing based on factors such as demand, availability, and timing. This allows you to maximize revenue and offer more competitive pricing to passengers who are most likely to convert. You can also use targeted discounts or personalized offers based on the passenger's purchase history or loyalty status to increase the likelihood of conversion.

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