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Keep students connected with the institution even after they have completed their studies. These newsletters are sent via email and contain information about upcoming events, networking opportunities, alumni success stories, and other relevant information

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Strengthen alumni relations

Alumni newsletters are an effective way to keep in touch with former students and build long-lasting relationships with them. By sharing news and updates, you can foster a sense of community and loyalty among the alumni.

Increase brand awareness

By sharing success stories and updates about the institution's progress, companies can showcase their achievements and attract more students to their programs.

Encourage engagement

Encourage engagement among former students by inviting them to attend events and participate in networking opportunities. By offering valuable resources, you can encourage alumni to stay involved with the institution.

How it works

Increased engagement

Alumni newsletters can increase engagement with former students and keep them connected to the institution.

Brand awareness

By sharing success stories and updates, edtech companies can increase their brand awareness and attract more students to their programs.

Networking opportunities

Provide networking opportunities for former students and help them connect with each other and with the institution.

Best practices

Segment your list based on their interests, industry, and other relevant factors to personalize the content of the newsletter.

Provide valuable content in the newsletter, such as industry insights, career tips, and success stories, to keep alumni engaged.

Include clear calls to action in the newsletter, such as event invitations and links to alumni resources, to encourage engagement.

Be consistent in sending out the newsletter, whether it's monthly or quarterly, to maintain a strong connection with your alumni network.

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