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Sending an order confirmation through SMS is an effective way for logistics companies to keep their customers informed and engaged throughout the delivery process.

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Real-time order tracking

Provide customers with real-time tracking information, allowing them to keep track of their shipment and receive updates on delivery status.

Enhancing customer communication

Sending an order confirmation via SMS enhances customer communication, providing an additional touchpoint for customers to engage with the company and seek support if needed.

Increase order transparency

Include important details such as the estimated delivery date, tracking number, and delivery address. This can help customers keep track of their orders & you can improve order transparency.

How it works

Improved customer experience

Logistics companies can improve the customer experience by providing real-time information and enhancing communication.


It is a cost-effective solution for companies to keep customers informed, reducing the need for manual communication.

Increased efficiency

Sending an order confirmation via SMS can improve operational efficiency by automating the processes, freeing up staff time to focus on other tasks.

Best practices

Provide clear information, including the order details, delivery date and time, and tracking information.

Use a short code or sender ID to ensure that the message is delivered quickly and easily, and to avoid being marked as spam by the recipient.

Include contact information, such as a phone number or email address, allowing customers to contact the company for support or further information.

Send the message at the right time, such as immediately after the order is placed, can help to build trust and confidence with the customer.

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