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Send welcome emails as a friendly introduction to the course or program and help students feel supported and informed throughout their learning journey. They can also set expectations for the course and provide guidance on how to get started.

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Course enrollment

Welcome emails can be sent to students upon their enrollment in a course, providing them with information on the course structure, requirements, and expectations. This can help students prepare for the course and set realistic goals.


Provide them with an orientation email on the learning platform, resources available, and the instructor's background. This can help students familiarize themselves with the course and feel more comfortable and confident.


Welcome emails can be used to upsell students on other courses or services offered by the edtech company. This can increase revenue for the company while also providing students with additional learning opportunities.

How it works

Increased retention

Help students feel more comfortable and prepared for the course, increasing their likelihood of staying enrolled and completing the course.

Positive brand image

Welcome emails can contribute to a positive brand image for the company, demonstrating their commitment to student success and providing a personalized learning experience.

Revenue generation

Welcome emails can be used to upsell students on other courses or services, generating additional revenue for the company.

Best practices

Welcome emails should be clear and concise, providing students with the necessary information without overwhelming them with details.

It should be visually appealing, using images, graphics, and formatting to make the content easy to read and engaging.

Include a clear call to action, such as a link to the learning platform or a resource library, to encourage students to take the next steps in their learning journey.

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