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To provide a better customer experience and reduce the chances of miscommunication, transportation companies can use voicebots to share fare estimates with customers.

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Booking a ride

By integrating a voicebot system that can share fare estimates, transportation companies can offer a more convenient and efficient booking process.

Comparing prices

By sharing fare estimates for multiple ride options through a voicebot, you can help customers compare prices and make more informed decisions about their transportation choices. This use case can be particularly useful for customers who are price-sensitive or who need to stay within a certain budget.

Handling disputes

Sometimes, customers may dispute the fare charged for their ride. By sharing fare estimates through a voicebot, transportation companies can provide customers with a reference point to compare their actual fare against. This use case can help resolve disputes more quickly and effectively, as customers can easily access and verify the fare estimate through the voicebot system.

How it works

Enhanced transparency

Customers can have a clear understanding of the estimated fare for their ride, including any additional charges, before booking the ride. This can help build trust and improve customer satisfaction.

Improved CX

Customers can get a quick estimate of the fare for their ride without having to manually input their destination and other details. This can save time and effort for the customers and make the booking process more convenient.

Increased Efficiency

With voicebots, customers can quickly and easily get fare estimates for their ride without having to navigate through multiple screens or menus. This can reduce the load on support teams, increase efficiency and save costs.

Best practices

It is crucial to ensure that the fare estimates shared by the voicebot are accurate and up-to-date. This can be achieved by integrating the voicebot with the company's fare calculation system and updating it regularly.

In addition to the fare estimate, provide customers with additional details such as the estimated time of arrival, distance, and any surcharges or tolls. This helps customers make an informed decision and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or disputes.

Keep the voicebot interface simple and easy to use. Use clear and concise language and provide options for customers to repeat or clarify any information. Additionally, provide customers with the option to switch to a human agent in case they have any questions or issues.

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