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Securely sending patients' medical test reports through WhatsApp. This can improve communication and accessibility of important medical information between healthcare providers and patients, helping to streamline the diagnosis and treatment process.

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Diagnostic test results

Share test results directly with patients via WhatsApp, providing an easy and convenient way for them to access & review their medical information.

Prescriptions and treatment plans

Share prescriptions/ treatment plans with patients, ensuring that patients have access to important information and can follow their care plans more effectively. This can patient outcomes as well.

Radiology images

Share radiology reports, such as X-rays or CT scans, with patients enabling them to share it with other providers or specialists as well. It can also reduce the need for patients to physically pick up their images or wait for them to be mailed.

How it works

Ensuring data security and privacy

Healthcare providers must implement strict security protocols and end-to-end encryption to ensure patient data is secure and protected from unauthorized access. Patient data should be stored in compliance with applicable data privacy regulations.

Verification of patient identity

Patients must be verified before any medical reports are shared with them to ensure the data is being shared with the correct person. Chatbots can be used to verify patient identities through unique identifiers, such as name, date of birth, or patient ID.

Ensuring access to reports

Ensure that patients have access to their medical reports even after they have been shared through WhatsApp. Patients should be able to access their medical reports at any time through a secure, password-protected portal.

Best practices

Ensure the security and privacy of patient data when sharing medical reports on WhatsApp. All patient data must be encrypted, and access must be limited to authorized personnel only.

Verify the contact information of patients before sharing medical reports on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business API can be used to verify phone numbers and authenticate users.

Provide assistance to patients who may have difficulty accessing or understanding their medical reports. Patients should be able to contact their healthcare providers via WhatsApp or other means for any questions or clarifications.

Compliance with regulations such as HIPAA is essential to ensure that patient data is being handled and shared appropriately.

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