Post-consultation & follow-ups

Stay connected with your patients by sending follow-up messages. This can be used to schedule calls or appointments to discuss reports, provide reminders for medication or appointments, and offer additional support or resources as needed.

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Scheduling follow-up appointments

After consultation, send reminders to patients of their upcoming appointments and providing information on how to schedule follow-up visits.

Providing medication reminders

Send reminders to patients about taking their medication. This can help patients who may have trouble remembering when to take their medication or who may not be able to keep track of their medication schedules on their own.

Offering additional support and resources

Share resources to patients such as links to articles, videos, or other resources related to their condition. This can help patients feel more informed in their healthcare journey.

How it works

Preparing the chatbot

Set up and configure the chatbot to send messages based on specific triggers, such as after a consultation or at a set time interval.

Customizing messages

Providers can customize the content of the chatbot messages based on patient data and preferences. This can include sending personalized messages with patient-specific instructions, reminders, and care plans.

Sending messages

Once the chatbot is set up and configured, it can send messages to patients through WhatsApp. This helps to automate the process of sending post-consultation and follow-up messages, allowing healthcare providers to reach more patients in a timely and efficient manner.

Best practices

When sending follow-up messages, it's important to use a personal touch and address patients by name. This creates a more intimate and trusting relationship between the patient and healthcare provider.

Follow-up messages shouldn't be limited to scheduling appointments or discussing reports. Offer additional value to patients by providing resources or information that they may find useful. By doing so, you show that you care and are invested in their well-being.

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