Appointment booking

Patients can book appointments with healthcare providers using voice call. By offering a self-service option for appointment booking, patients can quickly and easily schedule appointments without the need for human assistance. This frees up more operators to handle calls from patients who require more personalized attention.

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Booking routine check-up appointments

By using the self-service option, patients can quickly schedule their appointments without the need for human assistance, freeing up operators to handle more complex patient inquiries.

Vaccination appointments

Use the voicebots to enable patients to self-serve & schedule their appointments. This reduces the burden on healthcare staff and ensures that more operators are available to handle calls for more critical tasks.

Booking follow-up appointments

After a medical procedure or treatment, patients may need to schedule follow-up appointments with their healthcare providers. By using the voicebots, patients can easily schedule without the need for human assistance.

How it works

Automated voice system

Patients are connected to an automated voice system that prompts them to select the reason for their call, such as appointment booking.


Patients can use the voice system to self-serve and book their appointments by following the instructions provided. They can choose the date, time, and location of their appointment and receive confirmation via voice or SMS.

Personalized assistance

If patients require more personalized assistance, they can choose to speak with a live operator who can help them book their appointment.

Integration with scheduling system

The voice system is integrated with the healthcare provider's scheduling system to provide accurate and up-to-date availability of appointments. This ensures that patients can book appointments at their preferred time and location.

Multilingual support

The voice system can provide multilingual support to cater to patients who speak different languages, improving accessibility for all patients.

Best practices

The system should be intuitive and easy to use, even for patients who are not tech-savvy. This will reduce the risk of patients getting frustrated and abandoning the process before completing the booking.

Provide patients with clear prompts and step-by-step instructions, as well as using language that is easy to understand. It is also important to ensure that the system provides feedback to patients throughout the process to help them stay on track.

Integrate the system with your scheduling system to provide accurate and up-to-date availability of appointments. It is also important to ensure that the system is fast and responsive, and that patients can easily switch between self-service and live-operator support if they require assistance.

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