Order tracking

Enable customers to access real-time updates on the status of their orders, including the expected delivery date, shipping details, and any delays or issues that may arise. This provides customers with greater transparency and control over their orders and reduces the burden on customer service staff by enabling customers to self-serve.

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Medication delivery & adherence

Enable order tracking to keep patients informed about the status of their medication deliveries. Patients can simply use voice commands to inquire about the expected delivery time or track the current location of their medications.

Operational efficiency

Streamline the tracking process & reduce the need for manual interventions and inquiries from patients. By providing real-time updates on order status, you can free up support team, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.

Data insights & analytics

Generate valuable data & insights on patient preferences, ordering patterns, and medication trends. Use this data to identify potential bottlenecks in the supply chain, forecast demand more accurately, and optimize inventory management.

How it works


Using voice call for order tracking makes it more accessible to customers who may have limited or no access to the internet or may not be tech-savvy.

Real-time updates

The order tracking system on voice call provides real-time updates to customers, allowing them to monitor their orders throughout the entire delivery process. This ensures that customers are always aware of the status of their order and can plan their schedules accordingly.

Reduced workload for customer service staff

By providing a self-service order tracking system on voice call, e-pharmacies can reduce the workload for customer service staff, as customers can easily track their orders without the need for live agent support. This frees up customer service staff to handle more complex queries and issues, improving their overall efficiency and response time.

Best practices

The system should provide regular updates on the status of the order, including its location, expected delivery date, and any issues or delays that may arise. This ensures that customers have access to the most up-to-date information and can plan their schedules accordingly.

While the order tracking system should be designed to be self-service, it's important to provide an option for customers to speak with a live agent if they encounter any issues or have questions about their orders. This helps to ensure that customers have access to support when they need it, and that their concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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