Appointment booking

By enabling patients to book appointments directly through WhatsApp, healthcare providers can offer a more convenient and streamlined booking process, which can increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.

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Enable self-booking

Offer patients the ability to easily book appointments, reducing the need for them to call the clinic or visit the website. This can make the booking process more convenient for patients & help reduce workload for healthcare staff.

Automatic reminders

Providers can set up automatic appointment reminders through, ensuring patients don't forget their appointments and reducing the likelihood of no-shows. This can help optimize scheduling and reduce the need for overbooking or rescheduling.

Quick scheduling

Offer quick appointment booking to streamline the scheduling process for time-sensitive appointments, such as emergency or urgent care.

How it works

Appointment booking and confirmation

Patients initiate a request for an appointment through WhatsApp, providing details such as the type of appointment and preferred date and time.
Healthcare providers respond with available time slots and confirm the appointment with the patient through WhatsApp.

Automated reminders

Healthcare providers can automate appointment reminders to be sent to patients through WhatsApp or SMS, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments.
Patients can also confirm or cancel appointments through WhatsApp, providing real-time updates to healthcare providers.

Communication and support

Patients can use WhatsApp to communicate with healthcare providers regarding questions or concerns related to their appointment.
Healthcare providers can use WhatsApp to provide additional information or support to patients, creating a more personalized and convenient healthcare experience.

Operational efficiency

This helps in reducing the workload on administrative staff by automating many of the tasks associated with appointment scheduling and reminders.
This approach can also increase operational efficiency by reducing the amount of time and resources required for manual appointment booking and management.

Best practices

Clearly communicate the process for booking appointments on WhatsApp, including the information that patients need to provide and the expected timeline for confirmation.
Ensure that patients understand how to navigate the appointment booking process and have access to support if they have any questions or concerns.

In addition to WhatsApp, offer patients multiple communication channels for appointment booking and management, such as phone and email.
Ensure that all communication channels are well-integrated and provide a consistent experience for patients.

Automated appointment reminders to be sent through WhatsApp, ensuring that patients receive timely and accurate information about their upcoming appointments.
Use personalized messaging to increase the relevance and impact of appointment reminders and reduce the likelihood of missed appointments.

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