Automate order management

By integrating voice-enabled systems, customers can easily modify their orders, including changing delivery addresses, cancelling orders, or finding out about product returns, without requiring human intervention.

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Change delivery address

Customers may need to change the delivery address of their order after placing it. An automated voice call system or voicebots can be used to provide customers with a way to change the delivery address quickly and easily.

Cancel order

Voicebots simplify order cancellations for customers by eliminating the need for logging in and navigating the website. With a few simple prompts, customers can easily cancel their orders.

Product returns

Automated voice call system assists customers with product returns, providing necessary instructions on packaging and return shipping.

How it works

Change delivery address

Customers can use automated voice calls to change the delivery address of their order. The voicebot will guide the customer through the process and update the order accordingly.

Check order status

Customers can use automated voice calls to check the status of their order. The voicebot will provide real-time updates on the order status, such as whether it has been shipped or delivered.

Resolve order issues

Customers can use the voice channel to resolve order issues, such as missing or damaged items. They can get guidance through the process of reporting the issue and provide information on how it will be resolved.

Best practices

The automated voice calls should be designed in a simple, clear, and concise manner. Use easy-to-understand language, avoid technical jargon, and keep the call flow straightforward to ensure the customer does not feel confused or frustrated.

While automated voice calls are efficient, not all customers may prefer to communicate through voice. To cater to all preferences, retailers should offer multiple communication channels like email, WhatsApp and SMS. Customers can choose the channel that works best for them, and this can increase overall satisfaction.

Automated voice calls are great for handling routine inquiries and requests, but some customers may have complex issues that cannot be handled through automation. To ensure customer satisfaction, businesses should provide a way for customers to speak with a live agent if they need to.

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