Certificate issuance

Notify students about their certification through a text message, including details such as the type of certification, the date of issue, and instructions on how to receive it. This method aims to provide a convenient and efficient way for students to receive their certificates while also allowing the institution to efficiently manage the certification process.

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Course completion

After a student has completed a course, they may receive a certificate of completion via SMS. This can serve as proof of their learning and can be used to showcase their skills to potential employers or for other professional purposes.

Professional development

Edtech companies that offer professional development courses may send out certification of completion to help individuals track their progress and achievements in their field.

Simplify certificate distribution

Instead of manually mailing certificates to each learner, you can use SMS to instantly deliver certificates to learners' mobile devices and save time & resources.

How it works

Faster and more convenient

Sending certificate issuance details to students via transactional SMS can make the process faster and more convenient. Students can receive the information on their mobile phones and don't need to log in to the platform or check their email for the details.

Reduced errors

The details of the certificate issuance can be sent to students in a standardized format, reducing the risk of errors. This can ensure that the details of the certification, including the name of the course, date of issue, and instructions on how to receive, are accurate and consistent.

Improved student satisfaction

Providing certificate issuance details can improve student satisfaction. By sending the information directly to their mobile phones, students can have quick access to the information they need, which can help them feel more supported and valued by the your platform.

Best practices

It’s important to keep the message clear and concise. Include only the most important information such as the name of the certification, the date of issue, and instructions on how to receive the certificate.

Make sure to include contact information in case the student has any questions or concerns about receiving their certificate. This could be an email address, phone number, or a link to a support page.

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