Customer support

Interact with customers and address their inquiries, complaints, and other issues. Offer timely and personalized support to customers, enabling them to resolve their concerns in a quick and efficient manner.

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Order tracking

Customers can use WhatsApp to track their orders and receive real-time updates on their status. They can also ask questions about their orders and get immediate responses from customer support.

Product inquiries

Customers can ask questions about products, such as their features and pricing, and receive quick and detailed answers from chatbot. This can help customers enhance their overall shopping experience.

Returns and exchanges

Customers can use WhatsApp to initiate returns or exchanges and receive instructions on how to complete the process. They can also get information on return policies, shipping options, and other related details.

How it works

Quick and personalized responses

Customers expect fast responses and personalized communication when they interact with retailers. Providing quick and personalized responses through WhatsApp can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

24/7 availability

Customers can get support at any time, day or night, without having to wait for the store to open. The chatbot can handle common inquiries, such as order status, returns, or product information, allowing customers to get the support they need quickly and efficiently.

Automated responses

The chatbot can provide automated responses to common inquiries, such as tracking order status, providing product information, or handling returns. This can help retailers reduce response times, handle a large volume of inquiries, and provide better customer support.

Best practices

The chatbot should only handle specific types of inquiries or issues, and customers should be informed of the limitations of the chatbot. This can help prevent frustration and improve customer satisfaction.

Although chatbots can handle many customer inquiries, there will be situations where human support is needed. The chatbot should be designed to seamlessly transition customers to human support when necessary. This can be done by providing a clear option to speak to a live agent, providing an estimated wait time, or offering to connect customers to a human agent via phone or email.

Track and analyze chatbot interactions to identify common issues or questions that customers are asking. This can help businesses identify opportunities to improve the chatbot's effectiveness and provide better customer support.

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