Loyalty programs

Hook your patients up with VIP treatment! That's what promoting loyalty programs in healthcare biz is all about. By sending customized texts with sweet perks for those who've already received check-ups or services from your organization, you'll be sending the message that you value their health and their business.

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Encouraging sign-ups

Highlight the benefits of the program, such as exclusive discounts & early access to new products. By making the sign-up process quick and easy, you can increase enrolment in the program.

Promoting loyalty rewards

Include information about current promotions, such as double points for certain purchases, or special discounts for members. By highlighting the value of the program, you can increase customer engagement & drive repeat business.

Encourage program engagement

By making it easy and convenient for customers to participate in the program and providing them with rewards in return, companies can increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

How it works

Permission-based marketing

Strict legislative restrictions and carrier regulations keep mobile messaging a spam-free channel. This means there is little noise for you to cut through. But you must follow the rules yourself. You can only send messages to someone who has given you permission to do so.

Follow local rules

There are often restrictions on the time that a message can go out, and what needs to be added to the content, such as unsubscribe links in the EU.

Build your audience

You can use adverts, emails, contest entries, point-of-purchase sign-up forms, social media posts to entice users to receive text messages containing special offers, new product updates, or other valuable information. All they need to do is text a keyword to a mobile number or a short code.

Short codes

Short codes are memorable 5 or 6-digit phone numbers specially designed for commercial messaging. You can send messages through them at a faster rate than via regular mobile phone numbers. To use a short code, you need prior approval from mobile operators. Your messaging provider should help with that.

Best practices

Once your users have expressed an interest in hearing from you, don’t abuse the privilege and risk opt outs. Provide them with offers and rewards they can’t refuse or information that really matters.

To avoid getting numbers blocked by mobile operators, marketers must follow consumer privacy best practices, including explicit opt-in procedures, easy access to program terms and conditions, and simple mechanisms to opt out.

Analyse campaigns to optimise on the fly. Whether it’s rewording a message or targeting a different audience? A good mobile messaging provider should have a suite of reporting tools to help.

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