New product promotions

Promote your latest products and services to existing and potential customers through text messaging. By using SMS, you can reach a large audience in a timely and cost-effective manner and deliver personalized and relevant messages about your new products.

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Introducing a new medication

Highlighting the product’s benefits, key features, and any special offers or discounts. By sending targeted messages to relevant segments, you can increase awareness and drive sales of the new product.

Launching a new medical device

Send message campaigns to launch a medical device, such as a wearable health tracker or a diagnostic tool.

Upselling existing customers

Upsell customers on new products that complement their current treatments or health needs. For example, if a customer has recently purchased a blood pressure monitor, you can suggest a medication for managing high blood pressure.

How it works

Shoot, score, and win with direct marketing

Send a text that packs a punch with your latest and greatest product info, benefits, and a call to action that'll have your target audience eager to hit "reply", visit your website, or make a purchase from your pharmacy or store.

Create a buzz with increased awareness

With each text, you can create a buzz and build familiarity among your target audience by sharing valuable and relevant information about your new product. Get ahead of the game by drumming up interest and demand before launch day. It's a surefire way to drive sales and secure customer loyalty.

Target with precision

With promotional SMS, you can reach specific segments of your customer base that are most likely to be interested in your new product. No more wasting resources on advertising to a broad audience. Send SMS straight to their pocket, without the added costs of printing, distribution, or production.

Best practices

Make your SMS a VIP experience by addressing your audience by name and delivering info that's tailored your customer’s healthcare needs and interests.

Stay ahead of the game by tracking and analyzing your promotional SMS campaigns. Use the insights to continuously improve your strategies and tactics.

Keep your SMS on point by highlighting the benefits and unique selling points of your new product. Show your audience why it's a perfect fit for them.

Cut to the chase with clear, concise messaging that's easy to understand and act on. Ditch the technical lingo and speak their language.

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