Medicine subscription renewals

Sending medicine subscription renewals messages is a smart solution that allows e-pharmacies to keep their customers informed about the status of their subscription and to remind them to renew their medicines in a timely manner. This practice helps to reduce the risk of missed renewals, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately grow your business.

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Customized dosage reminders

Sending personalized and details such as dosage instructions and any special considerations, empowering patients to build trust in your organization.

Medication management support

Include links to resources, such as educational materials or side effect information. This approach helps patients become more informed & leads to better treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Prescription refill options

SMS notifications with direct links to online pharmacies offer convenient renewal choices, saving time for patients and reducing administrative burden.

How it works

Increased customer loyalty

By sending timely reminders to customers about their medicine subscription renewals, e-pharmacies can foster a sense of trust and reliability, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Improved medication adherence

By reminding patients to renew their medicine subscriptions, you can ensure that your customers have a continuous supply of their necessary medications, improving overall medication adherence and better health outcomes.

Increased revenue

By sending medicine subscription renewals, e-pharmacies can increase the likelihood of customers reordering their medications and maintain a steady stream of revenue. This can also help to mitigate potential losses due to missed renewals or lapsed subscriptions.

Best practices

Give your SMS a personal touch to make your medicine subscription renewal stand out. Address your customer by name, mention their previous orders or add any relevant details to show that the message was tailored just for them. This will increase the chances of them reading and responding, making the communication feel more meaningful and not just another generic mass message.

Timing is everything when it comes to sending out medicine subscription renewals. Make sure to send the message at a time when your customer is most likely to be free and able to take action. For instance, if they usually reorder their meds over the weekend, shoot them a reminder on a Friday or Saturday. But, if they tend to renew during the week, hit 'em up during the weekdays.

Include a crystal-clear call-to-action in your SMS to increase the chances of successful renewals. This can be as simple as providing a link to your e-pharmacy website or a specific landing page where they can easily renew their subscription. Make sure the call-to-action is prominent, straightforward, and easy to follow. By keeping it simple, you'll reduce the chances of missed renewals and give your customers a hassle-free experience.

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