Promote free checkup camps

Increase participation in free health checkup events by sending promotional messages. Invite customers to attend the camps and receive checkups at no cost. The goal is to improve health awareness and increase brand awareness.

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Awareness drive

Raise awareness about the upcoming free health checkup camps. Send messages to a large audience, including existing & potential customers and even those who may not have any prior connection with the organization.

Customer engagement

Engage with customers and build a relationship with them. By inviting them to the free health checkup camp, organizations can show that they care about their health and well-being. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Data collection

Ask customers to provide their contact details and health-related information when they register. This data can then be used to better understand the health needs of the customers and tailor future campaigns accordingly.

How it works

Reaching a large audience

With text messaging, organizations can send messages to thousands of customers within minutes, increasing the chances of a high response rate.

Personalized messaging

SMS allows for personalized messaging, which can increase engagement and response rates. For example, organizations can use the customer's name in the message, making it feel more personalized and relevant to the individual.


Compared to other marketing channels, SMS is a cost-effective way to promote free health checkup camps. The cost per message is relatively low, and there is no need for printing or distribution costs. Additionally, organizations can track the success of their campaign easily by monitoring the response rate.

Best practices

Make sure you're reaching the right people with your message. Segment your target audience based on demographics, interests, or past behavior and make sure the message is relevant to them.

Include a persuasive call to action that encourages the recipient to attend the free health checkup camp.

Keep track of the success of your promotional SMS campaign - analyze response rates, conversion rates, and customer feedback and make improvements to optimize future campaigns.

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