Encourage customers to sign up for your newsletters to keep them informed about new products, promotions, and other company news.

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New product announcements

Send newsletters to your subscribers about new products that are being launched or about to launch. By sending a newsletter, you can increase interest in the product among the subscribers, & even prompt them to make a purchase.

Promotions and discounts

Announce sales, promotions, and discounts to subscribers. By doing so, you can incentivize subscribers to visit your website and make a purchase.

Building customer relationships

Use newsletters to share interesting content, offer helpful tips and advice, and build trust with their subscribers. Over time, this can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business from the subscribers.

How it works

Building a subscriber list

When a retailer sends a newsletter signup request on an email to a customer, the customer has the option to opt-in and subscribe to the newsletter. Over time, as more customers subscribe, the retailer can build a large subscriber list, which can be used to market new products and promotions.


When a customer subscribes to a newsletter, the business can collect data on the customer's preferences, buying behavior, and interests. This data can be used to personalize future newsletters, making them more relevant to the customer and increasing the chances of a purchase.

Increased engagement

Use newsletters to share stories, highlight new products, and promote promotions. By doing so, customers are more likely to think of the business the next time they are looking to make a purchase.

Best practices

Include a clear and prominent call-to-action that is easy to understand and click. The CTA should be placed above the fold and stand out from the rest of the email content.

The signup form should be simple and easy to fill out. Businesses should only ask for the essential information, such as the customer's name and email address. The form should also be mobile-friendly and optimized for all devices.

Retailers should continually test and optimize their newsletter signup request to improve the conversion rate. This can include testing different incentives, CTAs, and form designs to determine what works best for their customer base.

Customers should always have the option to easily unsubscribe from the newsletter. Provide an unsubscribe link in every newsletter to make this process as easy as possible for customers.

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