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Send driver or delivery person details such as the name and contact information. It is a valuable tool for logistics companies to improve customer experience and enhance communication throughout the delivery process.

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Delivery updates

By delivery details via SMS, customers can track their package and be prepared to receive it. This helps to improve customer satisfaction, reduce missed deliveries & increase operational efficiency.


Enable customers to verify the identity of the delivery person by sharing their name and vehicle details. This helps to increase the security and safety of deliveries.


After a delivery is completed, you can send an SMS to the customer with the driver's name and a link to a survey. The customer can then provide feedback on the driver's performance, which can help you improve your services.

How it works

Increased transparency

Providing customers with driver’s or delivery person’s details provides increased transparency throughout the delivery process. Customers can track the progress of their shipment and feel more confident about the delivery.

Improved customer satisfaction

By providing customers with driver details, logistics companies can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers appreciate when they are kept informed and have the ability to contact the driver directly if needed.

Enhanced security

Providing customers with driver details can also enhance security by ensuring that the shipment is being delivered by an authorized driver. This helps to prevent theft or other security breaches.

Best practices

Ensure that driver details are accurate and up-to-date to avoid confusion or delays in the delivery process.

Provide customers with a contact number or other means of support in case they have any questions or concerns about the delivery.

Ensure that the collection and use of personal information, including driver details, complies with relevant data protection regulations.

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