Share flight connection instructions

Provide passengers with information related to their connecting flights, such as gate changes or directions to other terminals, through automated voice messages or voice-based chatbots.

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Providing gate information

Inform passengers about their gate numbers, any changes to the gate, or the boarding time for their connecting flights. This helps passengers stay updated and avoid missing their flights.

Providing directions to other terminals

For passengers with connecting flights in different terminals, airlines can use voice-based technology to provide directions & guidance on how to navigate through the airport & help reduce stress and frustration.

Alerting passengers about flight delays

In the event of a delay, airlines can keep passengers informed about the status of their connecting flights and provide instructions on what to do next.

How it works

Improved passenger experience

By receiving timely and accurate information, passengers can reduce stress, feel more informed, and have a better overall travel experience.

Increased efficiency

Airlines can efficiently communicate information to a large number of passengers simultaneously with voice. This can reduce the burden on customer service representatives and free up staff to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, passengers can receive information quickly without needing to wait in long lines or navigate complicated airport directories.

Best practices

The information provided to passengers should be accurate, up-to-date, and delivered in a timely manner. Airlines should ensure that the technology is reliable and that any changes in flight schedules or gate assignments are communicated promptly to passengers.

This can be achieved by programming voicebots to speak in multiple languages or by offering a feature that allows passengers to select their preferred language.

Although voicebots can be effective at providing information to passengers, there may be situations where a human touch is needed. Airlines should offer a way for passengers to speak with a customer service representative or other staff member if they have questions or concerns that cannot be addressed by the technology.

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