Testimonial Emails

Showcase the success stories of the students and encourage enrollment in their courses. By sharing real-life experiences and feedback from satisfied students, edtech brands can build trust and credibility, and demonstrate the value and impact of their courses.

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Social proof and credibility

Sharing testimonial emails can help build social proof and credibility by showcasing the success stories and achievements of students. This way you can attract new students and increase their trust and confidence in the brand.

Motivation and inspiration

By highlighting the challenges and obstacles that students have overcome, demonstrate the potential of the courses and inspire students to pursue their own goals and aspirations.

Referral marketing

Sharing testimonials can also serve as a referral marketing strategy by encouraging satisfied students to share their experiences & recommend the courses to their friends and family and thus, increase the reach & enrollments.

How it works

Increased credibility and trust

Sharing testimonial emails can increase the credibility and trust of the brand by providing real-life examples and proof of their courses' effectiveness and impact.

Improved conversion rates

Sharing testimonial emails can improve the conversion rates by showcasing the success stories and benefits of their courses and encouraging students to enroll.

Positive brand image and reputation

Enhance the brand image and reputation of your institution by demonstrating their commitment to student success and satisfaction and showcasing the positive impact of their courses.

Best practices

When sharing testimonials, it's important to include social proof from a variety of sources, such as current students, alumni, and educators. Including social proof can help students see the value of the edtech platform and encourage them to engage with it.

Use visually appealing elements, such as images and videos, to make the email more engaging and eye-catching. Including visuals can help break up the text and make the email more visually interesting for the student.

This could be a link to sign up for a free trial, a link to a specific feature of the platform, or a request for the student to share their own experience with the platform. 

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