Tourism packages

Send information about travel packages to customers via text message. This helps in attracting customers to purchase travel packages or to upsell them to higher-end packages.

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Attracting new customers

Send messages about tourism packages to customers & attract new customers who may not have considered traveling before. These messages can be tailored to appeal to different segments based on their interests.

Encouraging repeat business

By offering exclusive deals and incentives to repeat customers, airlines and travel agencies can build customer loyalty and generate more revenue.


Sending targeted messages to customers who have booked lower-tier packages, you can encourage them to upgrade to higher-end packages. Highlight the additional benefits and features to potentially increase your revenue per customer.

How it works


By leveraging customer data, airlines and travel agencies can personalize their SMS messages to target specific customers based on their preferences, past travel history, and behavior. Personalized messages can increase the chances of conversion and customer loyalty.

Real-time Updates

SMS messages can be used to provide customers with real-time updates on their travel itinerary, including flight delays or cancellations. This can help customers better manage their travel plans and reduce the likelihood of dissatisfaction.

One-Click Booking

SMS messages can contain links that direct customers to a mobile-optimized booking page, allowing them to book their travel packages with just one click. This can streamline the booking process and reduce the chances of customers abandoning their purchase due to a lengthy booking process.

Best practices

Keep the messaging clear and concise. The message should clearly convey the value proposition and highlight the benefits of the travel package in a few short sentences.

Customers should be able to easily unsubscribe from the service if they no longer wish to receive messages. Providing customers with this level of control can help build trust and loyalty. Additionally, businesses should ensure that they have obtained the necessary consent from customers before sending messages to comply with data protection regulations.

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