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This could include updates on COVID-19 protocols, travel restrictions, documentation requirements, or changes to flight schedules. Ensure that passengers stay informed and up-to-date on the latest travel guidelines, helping to make their travel experience smoother and more hassle-free.

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COVID-19 updates

Post-pandemic there are still regulations which needs to be followed. You can send updates on travel restrictions, vaccination requirements, testing requirements, and other guidelines related to COVID-19.

Documentation requirements

Many countries have documentation requirements for entry, such as visas or health certificates. You can remind passengers about these & provide guidance on how to obtain the necessary documentation.

Flight schedule changes

Whether due to weather/ other reasons, flight schedules can change & it's important to keep passengers informed. By sending updates you can ensure that passengers are aware of any changes to their plan & can make alternative arrangements.

How it works

Opt-in messaging

Airlines can invite passengers to opt-in to receive travel updates and guidelines via WhatsApp. Passengers can provide their phone numbers and agree to receive messages from the airline, which can then send timely updates and reminders as needed.

Automated messaging

Airlines can set up automated messages to send to passengers at specific intervals or in response to certain triggers. For example, an airline might automatically send reminders to passengers a few days before their flight to remind them about check-in procedures or documentation requirements.

Multimedia messages

This can be a useful way to provide passengers with visual information, such as maps or infographics, or to provide audio updates, such as flight delay notifications.

Best practices

This includes obtaining appropriate consent from passengers before sending messages and ensuring that any personal data is securely stored and protected.

Messages should be structured in a way that is easy to read and follow, with the most important information highlighted at the beginning. Airlines should also avoid using technical jargon or acronyms that may be confusing to passengers.

To ensure that passengers find value in receiving travel guidelines, airlines should provide relevant and timely information that is tailored to the passenger's specific needs. This might include updates on flight schedules, travel restrictions, or documentation requirements.

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