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Upsell programs such as advanced courses or additional educational opportunities to existing students via SMS. Providing details of the programs and incentives for enrollment and encouraging students to take advantage of opportunities offered by the institution.

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Increasing revenue

By promoting additional educational opportunities to existing students, institutions can generate additional revenue without incurring significant marketing costs. SMS can be personalized and targeted, increasing the likelihood of successful upsells.

Strengthening student retention

By promoting advanced courses or better educational opportunities to students, you can provide opportunities for further growth and development, which can help to keep students engaged and motivated to continue with your institution

Building a stronger community

By offering opportunities and incentives for enrollment, institutions can encourage students to stay engaged and collaborate with one another, creating a more cohesive and supportive community around the institution.

How it works


SMS messages are delivered instantly, making them an effective way to promote time-sensitive up-selling programs such as limited-time offers or course registration deadlines. Institutions can ensure that their message reaches students in a timely manner, increasing the chances of successful upsells and enrollment.


Students can access the details of the up-selling program right from their mobile devices and enroll in the program with just a few clicks, increasing the convenience and ease of enrollment. This can help institutions to increase enrollment numbers and revenue from their up-selling programs.

Best practices

Segment your audience and personalize their messages according to the interests and past course history of the student. This helps to increase the relevance of the message, which in turn increases the chances of successful upsells and enrollment.

For example, promote limited-time offers or course registration deadlines to create a sense of urgency and encourage students to enroll in the program as soon as possible.

Institutions should obtain students' consent to receive messages and provide an opt-out option in case students no longer wish to receive messages. This helps institutions to maintain a positive relationship with their students and avoid any negative impact on their reputation.

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