Appointment confirmations

Give your schedule some TLC by sending out those appointment confirmation texts like a pro and keep everything running like clockwork. Make appointment scheduling a breeze for your patients with SMS confirmations.

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Improved Patient Engagement

SMS appointment confirmations help increase patient engagement and improve the overall appointment experience.

Reduced No-Shows

By sending SMS appointment reminders, healthcare providers can significantly cut down on the number of missed appointments or "no-shows."

Increased Convenience

Provide a convenient and efficient way for patients to confirm and keep track of their appointments, without the need for phone calls or physical reminders.

How it works


Make your customer feel like a VIP! Personalize your message by addressing them by name. Give them the warm and fuzzy feeling of a real conversation, because let's face it, nobody wants to feel like just another number in a sea of customers.

Reminders/ rescheduling texts

Provide a link to reschedule or send separate reschedule appointment text messages. To avoid losing a customer or patient altogether, send a separate SMS with a new appointment link if the customer requests to cancel their current appointment.

Unsubscribe with ease

Let customers know they can opt out from your messages. Customers may have moved away or simply no longer require your services. Make sure you send an opt-out text to let them know how to stop receiving your messages.

Best practices

Medical offices and most other businesses should send a confirmation in real time. If your office charges a fee for last-minute cancellations, send the reminder 24 hours before the fee would kick in. That gives the patient enough time to cancel or reschedule.

Include the recipient’s name so that the recipient knows the message is coming to the right person, even if they’ve forgotten about the appointment.

Include all of the facts they need to know — not just the appointment time but the location. You can also remind them to bring proof of insurance. If there are special considerations, such as a nearby detour for ongoing roadwork or a closed parking garage, include that information as well if you want your patients to be on time.

How will you know your patient has seen your message? Provide a keyword they can use to confirm that they plan to come in. It can be as simple as “Reply Y to confirm or N to cancel.” You can also supply your phone number in case they have questions or need to reschedule.

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