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Say goodbye to waiting anxiously for test results to arrive in the mail or anxiously pacing in a doctor's office. By sending medical test results via SMS, you'll get the scoop on your health status quickly and discreetly, right on your phone. It's a modern, effortless, and totally rad way to stay on top of your health game.

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Patients can receive their test results quickly and easily, without having to call the clinic or wait for mail delivery.

Improved Accessibility

SMS is a widely available and accessible communication channel, making it easy for patients to receive test results regardless of their location.

Enhanced Privacy

Patients can receive test results in a secure and private manner, reducing the risk of sensitive information being shared with the wrong person.

How it works

Automated Text Message

A patient visits a clinic for a routine blood test and provides their mobile number. Once the results are available, the clinic's clinical system automatically sends a text message to the patient with a summary of the results. The message includes information on whether the results are normal or abnormal, and any next steps the patient should take.

Secure Delivery

A patient receives a text message with their test results that include sensitive information. The message is encrypted, and only the intended recipient can access it. The patient can reply to the text message if they have any questions or concerns, and their responses are securely stored for future reference.

Remote Monitoring

A patient who lives in a remote area and requires regular monitoring of their health can receive their test results via SMS, reducing the need for in-person visits to a healthcare provider.

Best practices

Implement secure data management practices to protect sensitive patient information, such as encryption, secure storage, and access control.

Personalize communication with patients by including their name in the text message and providing a clear and concise summary of their test results.

Provide patients with the option to opt out of receiving test results via SMS, ensuring that they are only receiving information that they want to receive.

Ensure that test results are delivered in a timely manner, providing patients with the information they need as soon as possible. A patient who is anxious about their test results can receive their results via SMS, reducing the anxiety associated with waiting for results and allowing them to take appropriate action if necessary.

Consider providing follow-up communication to patients after they receive their test results, such as reminders to take medication or schedule follow-up appointments.

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