Appointment reminders

Never let a missed appointment happen again with quick and convenient reminders sent straight to your patients’ phones.

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A real-time view of appointments

Share a real-time appointment schedule with patients & elevate patient care, boost operational efficiency, and create a seamless patient experience from appointment scheduling to follow-up communications.

Reduce the impact of no shows

Missed appointments create a number of concerns for business –unexpected costs and time-consuming admin are just the tip of the iceberg. Get in front of customers early, with a timely SMS, and you can reduce this impact.

A better customer experience

Most of your customers don’t want to miss appointments. They forget about them or double-book themselves. A helpful, timely SMS reminder will help them stay on top of their diary. And they’ll thank you for it.

How it works

Act Proactively

Avoid waiting until the last minute to send reminders for appointments. It is advisable to send reminders the day before and a few hours prior to the appointment itself.

Provide Choices

Allow your customers the flexibility to reschedule appointments with a few text messages. This is a more convenient option for them as they don't have to switch between various applications, and it also ensures that you do not miss out on revenue.

Send. Track. Adap.

No one creates the perfect SMS workflow first time around. You’ll need to track the performance of your messages and make changes accordingly. Consider experimenting with message length, short codes, message tone, timings and number of messages you send.

Best practices

Make sure all of your appointment-related messages reach their destination on time, every time. Check your SMS provider has strong carrier relationships around the world (like we do).

Your customers don’t want to wade through long messages just to find out how to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Make sure your messages are short, precise and focused on key information.

Some businesses treat appointment-related messages as perfunctory and abandon their typical tone of voice. This is a bad idea and means you risk alienating customers. Stick to the conversational, breezy tone you use for all other customer service messages.

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